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Our new loyalty cards are in! Come ’n’ grab one now after your purchase at the shop. When you purchase online you’ll also get one included and stamped with your order. See below for our monthly subscription boxes!

Surprise Yourself Every Month!

**We are in our testing phase. There will be a “Sign Me Up!” button for your direct debit, which will work after our official launch. You are welcome to contact us to help us test the boxes. You could make help make the experience better**

Sol will send you a sweet gift box with an audio card and surprise treats each month. We create our subscription boxes to compliment the sweet, it’s contents and the experience behind the sweet. Part of this is making our box multi-sensory, with hand-selected and recommended products. A big part of our belief and reason behind these boxes is to also support and fund our community interest company Sweet Community on the Go, where we promise to help and support working with mental health, mental health employment efforts, well-being, autism awareness and more. Our monthly surprise delivery is ONLY £12 per month, including postage! Now that’s a deal.

*The surprise box will contain an A5 audio card every month unless you state otherwise.

When our boxes launch there will be a “Sign Me Up!” button below to submit an online direct debit form. It is very quick and easy.  

We look forward to surprising you!