Sweet Community on the Go CIC is a new CIC for 2019, born out of our sister company Sweet Sol. Our purpose is connecting people through the creation of audio cards and the memories and wonderment of sweets – in our case, sugar-free, and catering for a wide variety of dietary requirements.

The people we support record precious sound-bites for loved ones in our recording studio; then choose a selection of healthy sweets; and then give the audio card and sweets to a loved one.

The people we work with are generally children with sensory needs and conditions, older people who suffer with dementia, or the general public who just want to want to do something special for a loved one. We have had cancer patients come in and record their voice for loved ones, knowing that their time will be coming to an end soon. We have had people with dementia reminisce about their favourite sweets when they were younger. We have had a selective mute young girl come into our recording studio as a safe space and speak for the first time in a year, her mum weeping whilst listening outside the studio.

We are a service that supports and empowers creative and educational needs for individuals, families and communities.

Looking forward to taking that journey with you!

All the best,
Kris and Chris

COMPANY No. 11713958 (CIC)